Upstash Vector

This service is in public beta in the iad and fra regions. We don’t recommend using it in production yet. We welcome your feedback!

Upstash Vector is a fully-managed, pay-as-you-go vector database designed for working with vector embeddings.

When using Upstash vector through, your index is hosted on infrastructure via a private IPv6 address on your organization network.

Create and manage a Vector index

Creating and managing indexes happens exclusively via the Fly CLI. Install it, then signup for a Fly account.

You need to select a similarity function and embedding model to create an index. If you’re bringing your own vectorization, you need to choose the index dimension count.

Learn more in the official Upstash Vector documentation.

Create and get status of a Vector index

flyctl ext vector create
? Select Organization: myorg (myorg)
? Select a similarity function: Euclidean Distance (Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems)
? Select an embedding model: WhereIsAI/UAE-Large-V1
? Choose a name, use the default, or leave blank to generate one: my-vector-index

? Choose the primary region (can't be changed later) Ashburn, Virginia (US) (iad)
Your Upstash Vector index (my-vector-index) in iad is ready.

Set the following secrets on your target app.

The Upstash web console

To view more details about your index, including usage, run:

flyctl ext vector dashboard -o <org_name>

List your indexes and view status

Get a list of all of your Vector indexes.

flyctl ext vector list
NAME                ORG             PRIMARY REGION
my-vector-index myorg           iad

Fetch status for an index:

fly ext Vector status my-vector-index
  Name   = my-vector-index
  Status = created

Using your Vector index

To start using your index, check the documentation for the Vector REST API and example applications.

Delete a Vector index

Deleting a Vector index can’t be undone. Be careful!

fly ext vector destroy my-index
Your vector index my-index was deleted

What you should know

Once provisioned, the index primary region cannot be changed.

Your index is accessible only via a private IPv6 address restricted to your organization’s network.

To ensure low latency connections, provision your index in the same region as your application.


Upstash Vector indexes are billed by usage on a pay-as-you-go basis. Check the official Upstash Pricing page for details.

Your usage is visible on your current bill, and updated periodically through the day. See detailed index usage details in the Upstash web console.