Create an FKS cluster

Fly Kubernetes is in beta and not recommended for critical production usage. To report issues or provide feedback, email us at

To create a Kubernetes cluster, run:

fly ext k8s create [--name <name> | --org <org> | --region <region>]

Once a cluster is provisioned, it will return a kubeconfig that can be used to connect to your cluster’s Kubernetes API server using kubectl.

For example:

apiVersion: v1
  - name: fks-flyio-fksdemo
      certificate-authority-data: ...
      server: https://fks-flyio-fksdemo.flycast:6443
  - context:
      cluster: fks-flyio-fksdemo
      user: default
    name: default
current-context: default
kind: Config
preferences: {}
  - name: default

Your cluster is accessible over your organization’s private WireGuard network. To connect to your cluster, you need a WireGuard configuration.

Follow the Private Network VPN instructions to set up a permanent WireGuard connection to your IPv6 private network.

Once set up, you can use kubectl:

> kubectl get ns
NAME              STATUS   AGE
kube-public       Active   22d
kube-node-lease   Active   22d
default           Active   22d
kube-system       Active   22d