Autoscaling adjusts the number of running or created Fly Machines dynamically. We support two forms of autoscaling:

  • Autostart/autostop Machines
  • Metrics-based autoscaling

Autostart/autostop Machines

The Fly Proxy autostart/autostop feature starts and stops Machines based on load; Machines are never created or deleted. You create a “pool” of Machines in one or more regions and the Fly Proxy starts and stops them as needed.

For a comprehensive overview of how it works, see Automatically stop and start Machines.

Metrics-based autoscaling

The metrics-based autoscaler scales your application based on any metric. You deploy the autoscaler as an app in your organization. It polls collected metrics and computes the number of machines needed based on the metric you define. The autoscaler can create and delete machines or stop and start existing Machines.

To learn how to deploy and configure the autoscaler, see Autoscale based on metrics.