Quick references for often-used resources like flyctl and fly.toml. Or dig a little deeper into capabilities and how they work.


  • Architecture: A brief overview of how Firecracker VMs, Anycast networking, Fly Proxy, and the backhaul network come together to create’s infrastructure.

  • Regions: The regions around the world where we run servers so your apps can run close to your users.

Reference docs

  • flyctl: The Fly CLI reference documentation.

  • App Configuration (fly.toml): The settings for configuring your app in the fly.toml configuration file. The Fly Launch configuration includes how the app is built, its volume mounts, network services, and more.

Working with

  • Autoscaling: Adjust the number of running or created Fly Machines dynamically.

  • Builders: The different ways you can assemble applications into deployable images for

  • Load Balancing: How Fly Proxy distributes traffic to your application instances based on load, closeness, and concurrency settings.