Elixir on Fly.io

Fly.io makes it easier to run an Elixir cluster on multiple servers around the world and deploy to those regions with a single command. This comprehensive guide walks you through how to launch your first Phoenix app on Fly.io and includes a few additional guides to walk you through more advanced topics.

When you deploy your clustered application around the world, you give your users a fast, snappy, low-latency experience. This becomes particularly important if you’re deploying a Phoenix LiveView app.

Getting Started

Run through the Elixir Getting Started guide to get a feel for what it’s like to deploy to Fly.io. This is the best jumping-off point for getting your app up and running.

The Basics

Go from running an app to clustering your app globally and administering with Fly.io.

Advanced Guides

A collection of guides for doing some extra nifty things with your app on Fly.io.