Fly Kubernetes

Fly Kubernetes is in beta and not recommended for critical production usage. To report issues or provide feedback, email us at

Fly Kubernetes (FKS) is a fully managed Kubernetes service built on the platform. It enables you to easily deploy Kubernetes clusters without the hassle of managing and operating the control plane. Learn more about why and how we made FKS.

Getting started

To get up and running immediately, try the Fly Kubernetes quickstart guide


Fly Kubernetes benefits from the features of the platform. infrastructure

FKS is built on top of infrastructure:

  • Compute is backed by Fly Machines, our fast-launching VMs built with Firecracker.
  • Volumes are handled with Fly Volumes; local, fast NVMe drives.
  • Networking is built on our internal WireGuard mesh with routing performed by Fly Proxy.

Cluster scalability

Pods are scheduled across our fleet of bare-metal servers, not limited to a specific node. Workloads are automatically distributed across the fleet, enabling a cluster to scale with ease.


With Fly Kubernetes, you get all the security benefits of our platform.

  • Private network traffic flows over our internal WireGuard mesh, ensuring it is encrypted.
  • FKS clusters are secured within a private VPN.
  • Compute is built on Firecracker microVMs — lightweight and secure virtual machines. This provides improved isolation guarantees ensuring your application code is safe.
  • Volumes are encrypted at rest for additional protection of the data on the volume.
  • Secrets are automatically stored in an encrypted vault.

Simple and secure client authentication

Connect to your cluster using kubectl. Clients are authenticated with our API tokens. They expire after an hour and are rotated automatically after expiration.

Not supported

There are a few features we don’t support yet but are part of the roadmap:

  • Sidecars and init processes
  • EmptyDir volumes
  • Horizontal pod autoscaling
  • Network policies
  • CronJob

Features we don’t support:

  • Node affinity
  • Inter-pod (anti) affinity
  • DaemonSets


See the pricing page for information on FKS pricing.