Application Monitoring by Sentry

Sentry is a developer-first application monitoring platform that helps you identify and fix software problems before they impact your users. Get real time alerts on production errors and performance issues, capture video-like reproductions of user interactions, and avoid regressions with test coverage insights in your stack trace.

We partnered with Sentry to give your organization a year’s worth of Team Plan credits. This plan includes, monthly:

If you need more than this, sign in to your account and review upgrade options in the billing section.

Account and project provisioning

Newly-deployed applications provision a new Sentry project automatically. You can also provision Sentry projects for existing apps.

The first time a Sentry project is provisioned in your organization, we will:

  • Create a Sentry account using your email address
  • Create a Sentry organization mapped to your organization

Finally, SENTRY_DSN will be set as a secret available in your application runtime environment. This value should be picked up automatically by the Sentry SDK.

Instrumenting your application with the Sentry SDK

For the following frameworks/runtimes, we’ll auto-instrument your app at launch time. Auto-instrumentation is helpful to catch boot errors right out of the gate, when you first deploy your application.

Ruby on Rails

If flyctl launch detects your app as a Rails app, we will:

  • Install the Ruby Sentry SDK rubygem
  • Add an initializer for automatic exception handling and performance tracing

Sentry can also instrument specific libraries like Sidekiq, Delayed Job, Resque, and more. Check the Sentry Ruby documentation for more information.

Other runtimes and frameworks

Learn how to set up your application with the Sentry SDK for your runtime in their extensive documentation.

Open the Sentry project dashboard for an application

Use this command to open the dashboard for the Sentry project associated with the current application.

flyctl apps errors

Create a Sentry project for an existing app

For applications that don’t have a Sentry project setup, use the following command to create one manually.

flyctl ext sentry create