Logging Stack Traces

By default, we set the Logging output to use a JsonFormatter. This makes the log output a bit cleaner, but has the trade-off of not showing you a full stack trace. You just get the exception messages.

If you need to get the full stack trace, update your config/logging.php file and adjust the stderr channel to include a formatter_with configuration:

'stderr' => [
    'driver' => 'monolog',
    'level' => env('LOG_LEVEL', 'debug'),
    'handler' => StreamHandler::class,
    'formatter' => env('LOG_STDERR_FORMATTER'), // JsonFormatter
    'formatter_with' => [
        'includeStacktraces' => true,
    'with' => [
        'stream' => 'php://stderr',

This will show you the full stack trace of logged errors when you next deploy.